Cherilyn Yeates

Hopkinson House


Hopkinson House Hostel is a complex needs homeless service designed to work with some of the most challenging individuals in London. Chez was commissioned to create a mural in their garden space. The aim was to create a welcoming environment in the garden space, encourage inclusion and promote general wellbeing as well as emotional recovery in clients dealing with mental health.


This mural was created in collaboration with the wonderful Naomi Rakhsha and has been supported by Leyland SDM. As part of their Leyland in the community initiative they donated £500 worth of store credit to the project, which meant we were able to buy all of the paints and materials we needed! Big shout out to them! 

The mural brings happiness and brings good energy
— Mayhar H

This was part of umbrella project ‘Making Space’. Making Space is a mural project with local clinical, therapeutic & community spaces which aims to find out if making space for art in our environments can influence positive emotions. Making Space has installed vibrant, therapeutically informed murals in spaces across London and gathered feedback to inform future artwork and determine the impact.

It’s very therapeutic
— Peter T