Cherilyn Yeates



Heathfield 1 is the Stroke Rehabilitation Ward at Croydon University Hospital. Working in collaboration with CREATE, a collaborative project which aims to enhance the experience of stroke patients through unconventional means, Chez was commissioned to paint a mural in their day room and consult on colour schemes for the ward bays. 


The mural was created to engage patients in conversation, and create a calming but uplifting environment. CREATE was recognised for a national award for Patient, Carer and Public Involvement at the annual Stroke Forum conference in December 18.

It encourages you to interpret what the shapes are
— Patient, Stroke Ward
Great for stimulating conversation, like cloud watching
— Staff, Stroke Ward
Calm. Earthy, autumnal colours make me feel grounded
— Patient, Stroke Ward

This was part of an umbrella project ‘Making Space’. Making Space is a mural project with local clinical, therapeutic & community spaces which aims to find out if making space for art in our environments can influence positive emotions. Making Space has installed vibrant, therapeutically informed murals in spaces across London and gathered feedback to inform future artwork and determine the impact.